Get a Trade-In Appraisal Today

Our trade-in appraisals are always fast and free so you can get the information you need to decide what you should do next. If you are even thinking of getting a new car, starting with this appraisal will help ensure you know your options and how much you can afford. If you find that your vehicle is worth more than you thought, you may be able to afford a nicer vehicle which, of course, could influence your decision on whether you want to lease a car in New York, or if you want to hold on to your current one for a little longer.

We’ll Come to You

When you book a trade-in appraisal with us you can let us know where you want it to be done. You don’t need to bring it to our location since that could be inconvenient for you. Instead, we’ll come to you and complete the entire process as fast as possible. We know exactly what types of things to look at when doing this type of appraisal so we can make an accurate assessment on how much everything is worth. Once we are done, our team will make you an offer on how much we can pay when you trade it in for a new lease deal.

Accurate Appraisals

Coming up with an accurate appraisal on a used car can be difficult, but thanks to our years of experience in this industry, we will get it right. Our team has been helping people with all sorts of appraisals and other car related things for years so we know how to pay top dollar for your vehicle. If you are thinking about leasing a new car in New York, contact us to schedule a free and no-obligation appraisal first. We’ll be happy to work with you and do what it takes to ensure you get the vehicle you love. We can be reached at 646-693-5255.